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December 21st, 2007, 11:28 AM
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Target is AWESOME for coupon usage. They let you combine their printables with the manufacturer (manu) coupons! Right now they have great coupons for huggies stuff. I am getting mega ultra cheap and even free wipes and wash!! join hotcouponworld or afullcup to get the generators and print that 3.00/2 coupon, add your manu coupons to it, and you're in the money! They have other good printables right now, too, but that's the best one.

Also, safeway looks good to me...

looks like they have a fair amount of BOGO deals...a lot of their other stuff looks pretty high priced, but that's where you have to remember to go in and grab the loss leaders (BOGOS and cheapies) and get out. Don't buy ANYTHING that's overpriced.

Acme--I can tell from their site--is the same owners as Albertson's...

They'll have decent BOGO sales, also... and some pretty good meat sales. And they rock the 10/10's. sometimes you can get toilet paper on 10/10, and often it's when they have 1.00 coupons out!! FREE TP! woot. I noticed the back of the ad has a buy one get two free dynamo detergent--some of the girls on here swear by that detergent!! They also run specials often like, "buy ___ of this, save $$ now!" deals...

and your superfresh looks like it has decent deals, too!

The philly price is GREAT! Cokes 5/10 is the cheapest of the three stores. Good price! AND DOUBLE COUPONS!!!!! up to .99!!! woot! That's your place to do most of your shopping. They have several half off's which are essentially BOGO deals, they have a few BOGOs, and with the double coupons, you can clean up at that store. Really!!

You're lucky. You can shop loss leaders at each store, add coupons, and you'll be saving in no time.

What I see in those ads will beat just about anything you can get at WM.

The drugstores are higher prices, but usually run good sales. If you can get the rebates rolling, some RR and EB rolling, stuff like that, then you can save a bundle there, too.

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