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December 21st, 2007, 11:10 PM
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This is your narrowed down list? Okay here goes:


Neci Olivia(PN Neecee) Cute for a baby but not so good once the kid gets older.

Briceidy Katarina(PN Brice-uh-dee) Uh... NMS

Lindsey Brianne Cute.

Bronwyn Olivia Reminds me of a product name or something.

Briar Rose *shrug* Eh.

Mattea Rose I actually think that's pretty cute.

Aaralyn Michaela(PN Air-uh-lynn) *nods* I think I like it... definitely original...

Edith Celeste I like Celeste but Edith is old lady-ish

Brianne Makenna I like both names... just don't know that it flows that well.

Margot Justine NMS


Bradley Hunter Like it.

Eliot Dakota Like that one too.

Whitt Gabriel *shakes head* Whitt seems like it has lots of teasing capabilities IMO. (Nit-Whitt)

Archer Belen Nope... not likin' that one.

Aaron Gideon I like it but definitely not w/ your last name.

Jason Maverick *shrug* Sure. Sounds good to me.

Gunner Nikolas Gunner just reminds me of the dog on Cheaper by the Dozen. Can't get past it.

Declan Cole I'm not personally a big fan of the name Declan but it sounds good together.

Bradley Adam Yup. Like it.

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