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December 22nd, 2007, 10:14 AM
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Joe, my husband, came home from work at around 4:30pm Thursday afternoon, and mom and Emily were going to go out to give Joe and I some alone time . So Joe and I ate some dinner and went for a couple walks, and *ahem* some other things I felt like something might happen as far as labor, but at that point I gave up on looking for "true labor". My contractions started at 5pm coming about 5-7 minutes apart (as they were before in false labor) but they were a lot more consistant and harder. But I didn't want to do anything or go to the hospital until after 5 hours had past which would be 10pm.

9:00 pm We were just sitting on the couch flipping between "Forbes Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings" and ESPN's MLS soccer pre-show. All of a sudden I felt a pop on my side, totally weird. Figured I'd better head to the bathroom and make sure everything was okay, and just walk around to see what it was that had popped. Well all of a sudden the contractions got REALLY painful and shortly thereafter my water really broke. But since I heard that other women had problems with "false water breakage" I didn't want to assume too much. When nothing really stopped and contractions were now 2 minutes apart Joe and I figured it was the true thing. We called my mom and sister Em, who were in the middle of watching Ratitoulle at the theater, and told them to meet us at the hospital.

9:45pm We got to the hospital and signed in. The first hour at the hospital was less than impressive, and I was seriously considering just leaving and finding some sort of midwife. The nurses were pretty rude and pretty much played bumper cars with my bed while moving me from room to room. While I was in Triage my pain went instantly to level 10 on the pain scale. Although I was 95% effaced I was still only 3 centimeters. I figured it was going to be a long labor and since the pain was so intense I lovingly and gratefully accepted the wonderful and beautiful epidural. Praise God for those things, my word. Soon after I got the horrible shakes and couldn't stay focused at all, I glad I got the epidural because I would not be able to focus at all on relaxing especially with the shakes.

3:30am Up until this point I was progressing very well (I was about 10 cm and 95% effaced) and couldn't feel anything below my waist. All I could feel was the pressure of each contraction. It was wonderful. The nurse came in and told me I was about 45 minutes from pushing. yeah! BTW the nurse in my labor room was WONDERFUL!! She was the best and I was so glad I had her as my nurse.

4:30am the nurse and doctor came in- I was fully dilated. They started helping me with pushing. Still I wasn't feeling a thing, and pushing was really easy for me.

4: 48am Chloe Michelle was born and more beautiful than anything else in the world. (And yes, that would be under 20 minutes of pushing. I still thank God for that blessing!)

She had a little trouble getting the air in her lungs, which is pretty normal, but she is doing great! Joe did great even after being awake for almost 24 hours straight by the time she came. He is such an awesome daddy! She is already wrapped around his little finger. She is a great baby and doesn't cry too much. And she makes the most precious little faces! We are all enjoying her so much!

Christine, momma to Chloe [7.20.07], Alexis [9.8.09], and Jude [10.14.13]

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