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December 22nd, 2007, 10:41 AM
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I've never pressured Savannah to give her brother anything...usually she'll come up with toys she doesn't want anymore that he'd like as gifts (for brithdays or holidays or whatever). I figure that way she doesn't end up resenting him having them. If she brings up that something used to be hers I just comment on how sweet it was that she gave it to him. That usually (not ends it.
I may have one of her gifts be from Lucas this year...or maybe we'll make her a painting... He's with his dad this weekend, so it'll have to be on Christmas Eve...
I think Lucas knows something special is going on...what with the tree (biggest I've ever had! got it from a tree farm) and the lights, and everything else. Savannah is always excited for Christmas, but I know part of her is sad b/c things are different this year and she won't see some people she's used to seeing. I want to make this a really special year for her...
Lucas "gets" more of the holidays this year than he did last year. I know from his bday is august that he'll be a lot better about ripping that paper off this year than he has been in the I'll have him in the morning and he'll be gone during the day on Christmas with his dad, but I'll have him back with me for dinner He's gonna love it! and to be honest, I think my daughter's kinda excited to have part of Christmas with just me...
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