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December 23rd, 2007, 06:20 AM
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Gday all!
My beautiful little girl, Eva Estelle, is 17 months old. I am still breastfeeding her....ALOT! I think perhaps most of the time I breastfeed her for comfort more than anything. She does eat solids, but she's teething atm, so she hasnt been eating nearly as much as she should which = me feeding her a little more often. (She has being 'feeding more often' for about 3 months now.)

I got AF back when Eva was about 8 months old, and about 6 months ago I settled into a regular cycle - 25 days on the dot! Well, my last cycle I thought I may have had a few signs of being pregnant. DH and I weren't actively TTC, so I wasnt charting or anything, but I thought back and I'm pretty sure I O'd (I remember seeing EWCM) and also BD'd quite alot around that time aswell. So, the time came on the 25th day for AF. I am usually smack on 25 days, so this got me thinking. I tested and BFN. 3 days late and BFN. I went all the way to 6 days late - no AF. But she arrived the next day, much to my disappointment.

Very unusual things happening, and whats more, AF only went for 3 days, (finished today) and not very heavy at all which is strange for me. My cycle as of 6 months ago has been 25 days, lasting 5-6 days, sometimes even 7, VERY heavy in the first 2-3 days, lighter 4-5 days, brown spotting after that. hmmmmm very odd.... Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/ideas on this?

Anyway, the disappointment of not being pregnant has made DH and I realise that we really do want another baby brother or sister for Eva. So we are now officially TTC!! I am very excited yet very nervous, as im not quite sure what it will be like breastfeeding and being pregnant at the same time.....

Thanks for reading, and sorry its so long, I just feel I had to let my feelings and thoughts be known.... hubby is supportive, but hearing things from a woman's perspective is better i think

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