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December 23rd, 2007, 04:28 PM
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Neci Olivia- Olivia is much better than Neci. That sounds like a nickname for someone's niece. It doesn't age well at all.
Briceidy Katarina- love Katarina, don't like Briceidy at all.
Lindsey Brianne- Lindsey reminds me of Lindsey Lohan. Brianne is nice.
Bronwyn Olivia- This would be gorgeous if you spelled Bronwen correctly. The -wyn ending is masculine.
Briar Rose- nice, but it's a bit like naming your kid Cinderella.
Mattea Rose- lovely
Aaralyn Michaela- I would not have known how to pronounce Aaralyn if you had not explained it. I think it would be a hard name to live with, she'd have to keep telling people how to spell it. Michaela is nice.
Edith Celeste- love it. Absolutely gorgeous.
Brianne Makenna- too trendy. Brianne is nice, but I hate Makenna.
Margot Justine- very nice. I like it a lot.

Bradley Hunter
- too trendy. I'm tired of Bradley.
Eliot Dakota- I like Eliot. Dakota is an Indian tribe, not a name.
Whitt Gabriel- I love Gabriel. Whitt sounds strange as a name, so I would prefer Gabriel Whitt.
Archer Belen- Archer is NMS, Belen is too feminine.
Aaron Gideon- very nice.
Jason Maverick- I like Jason, but Maverick reminds me of a car.
Gunner Nikolas- I would like it if you spelled it Gunnar, the Gunner spelling is a word not a name.
Declan Cole- very nice, I love Declan.
Bradley Adam- I like Adam. Bradley is boring and doesn't age well.
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