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January 17th, 2005, 06:32 AM
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Today is a holiday for me. Martin Luther King Day does not feel like a regular holiday to me. Only difference is banks are closed and no mail today. But at work they are treating it like a regular holiday. I work. Well the dining room is closed at night for the regular apartment residents. We are having some sort of lunch thing only. Serving what I call soul food. Cat fish, black eyed peas, mac and cheese and some other items I don't remember them all. So I get double time today for working. Well you get your regular wages. Then they tack on 8 hours of holiday time. Only some of the school districts in our area had off. Our son has school today. So I work the 9-5 shift today instead of the normal 11-7:30pm shift I do on Mondays. Today means after the lunch meal is served. The rest of the day should be easy. Just clean up and prep for Tuesdays meals. I asked why Martin Luther King Day is a paid holiday and not Easter. My friend said oh it's because Easter is a religious day. I said so is Christmas. But work told me Easter always falls on a Sunday. The office people like secretaries, human resources and like that only work M-F. So they would always get a free paid holiday they never have to work. When the rest of us work Easter if it's our weekend to work. I understand that. When I said it to our supervisor. Some black woman got offended. That was not my intents to do. To me Easter is a very important holiday to me equally as important if not more than Christmas. I just wanted an explination of why Easter is not a paid holiday.
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