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December 31st, 2007, 10:32 AM
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Okay.. here's my delimma.

In my mind I pictured having a few boys and then a girl. We picked out boys names and one girl name. THEN I had a girl first & used the girl name. Now that I'm pregnant again and its ANOTHER GIRL, I don't have a name. We can't seem to come up with ANYTHING we like, it's HORRIBLE.

Let me give you a little background..

I'm Jayde. (pronounced like Jade) my BF is Eddie (actually Edward) Our daughter is Haizy. (pronounced like the weather, "hazy") I added the "I" in her name the way I have the silent "Y" in my name. We both liked it, so we named her Haizy. She doesnt have a middle name. We like names that are strong enough to not have a middle name.. yet, we also like different names. So now my problem is trying to come up with something as equally pretty, unique & girly as Haizy for the new little girl.

I dont like the old-fashioned names. I prefer names no one has used.
I also dont like the very trendy names, bc IMO they are just as common. So I really dont like "Maddison" "Olivia" "Addison, Addyson, etc." "Hayden" "Haillie" I'm not really big on any of those.

The only name that BF likes is Aaliyah. I do like the name, the problem is that its so common that even though I like it, I wouldnt want to use it. I feel like theres got to be something else out there.. something Im just not thinking about.. something that is clever and unique like Haizy..

Any ideas or suggestions?
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