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December 31st, 2007, 09:34 PM
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I actually have had quite a few meaningful things done for me. After our first loss in April, DH got me a Willow Tree angel and gave it to me on Mother's day. I was dreading Mother's day because I didn't think I deserved to celebrate it but DH made me realize that it was my day and I was a mother to an angel. Then Father's day rolled around just after my second loss and I got DH a similar Willow Tree angel. Then as I woke up from the D&C after my third loss DH was there in the recovery room with a gift bag. He had gone to the gift shop and got me another Willow Tree angel. They all sit on our mantle with our Willow Tree wedding couple. Mommy and Daddy and our three angels. Then this Christmas my mom got me a pendant with three hearts that symbolize our three angels. I will never take it off! I think the fact that our families acknowledge our angels is the most meaningful to me. There are so many families out there who are not as supportive and don't acknowledge them that I feel very blessed in that respect. The last thing that really meant a lot to me was my OB. During both my D&Cs I was comforted so much and my dignity was respected greatly. I fell asleep both times completely covered with my OB holding my hand and reassuring me as I cried knowing that when I woke up my baby would be gone and both times I woke up completely covered back up. I never had to be awake for the spread eagle and everyone in my business. When we sat in the office after learning of our third loss our OB was very sympathetic and cried along with us. She really was amazing and I felt went beyond her duty as a DR.
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