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January 1st, 2008, 03:05 PM
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Neci Olivia(PN Neecee) - Hm... I like Olivia, but I don't really like Neci.
Briceidy Katarina(PN Brice-uh-dee) - NMS.
Lindsey Brianne - I like this name, it's very cute.
Bronwyn Olivia - Love this!
Briar Rose - Reminds me of Disney.
Mattea Rose - I like this one a lot; Mattea and Rose are both great names.
Aaralyn Michaela(PN Air-uh-lynn) - NMS.
Edith Celeste - I like this, traditional and cute.
Brianne Makenna - It's cute, but I wouldn't use it.
Margot Justine - NMS.

Bradley Hunter - I like this one a lot.
Eliot Dakota - I think of Dakota more as a girl's name.
Whitt Gabriel - I love the name Gabriel, but Whitt isn't really my style.
Archer Belen - Cute, but NMS.
Aaron Gideon - I like this.
Jason Maverick - Like the name Jason, don't like Maverick.
Gunner Nikolas - Cute, but NMS.
Declan Cole - LOVE this one!
Bradley Adam - I like this one too.

Out of those, Declan Cole and Bronwyn Olivia are my favorites.
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