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January 17th, 2005, 07:41 PM
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Oh my I am not the only one... My Dh had the baby's middle name picked out when we found out I was pg... I kept putting names with the middle name and he would say no... And that we had plenty of time... Then my sis came up with a name and it went well with the middle name and we started calling the baby it... My dh got mad because we didn't ask him... But alll he kept saying was we had plenty of time... Then the big day came and I had the baby... I was in recovery. When they wheeled me back to my room they stopped me in the hall to show me the baby.... And my dh told me that he had already told them the first name but I needed to tell them the second name... (which was not told to anyone until he was born) I thought oh no.... What did he tell them.... Man my head raced....
Braxton...... He told them the name I had picked that he was so upset about

So he was named Braxton Dwight (middle name is in honor of my dad who had done alot for us)
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