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January 4th, 2008, 12:00 PM
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I have talked about this a few times in my DDC and thought we had come to a decision on our little girls name but we are now having second thoughts - name is very similar to a family members new baby as well.

So here is the plea for help! Up until now we have gone back & forth on Braenna (Braea for short) with Alexis as the middle name - I would be fine with having either as the first & middle but DH hates alexis as the first name. I wanted a name that incorporates 'Ann' in some way because it is a family name. We are irish/english and had been looking at names of those origins but they don't have to be.

Can you please give me some more ideas of names that incorporate 'Ann' 'Anne' or 'Anna'? My middle name is Jo-Ann and I didn't want to use it but have considered Shanna, Alana, Hannah & Savannah and hit a wall.

The middle name would either remain Braenna or Alexis to give you an idea of what it would be paired with and our last name ends in a 'e' sound and is very common which is why I was trying to be more original in the first name.

Any ideas would be SO GREATLY APPRECIATED, as we are so running out of time !!!!!

Thanks so much in advance!!!!!
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