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January 6th, 2008, 05:29 PM
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Leilani- Very pretty and exotic.
Mahalia- It's okay. I'd prefer Maliyah or Mattea.
Lindsey- Pretty but too 80's sounding for me.
Joellee- It's okay.
Hayley- Pretty. I prefer the spelling Haylie or Hailey.
Anna- It's okay.
Elizabeth- It's okay.
Faith- It's okay.
Jasmine- It's okay.
Alexandria- It's okay.
Jodi- It's okay, but seems like an older womans name.
annabelle- Pretty.
Katherine/kate- Love Kate. Katherine is a little boring though.
Irelyn- Love it! Very pretty and unique.
Hillary- It's okay. NMS
Isla- Love it! unique.
- Too old fashioned. Prefer Liam.
Zachary- Cute.
Alexander- It's okay.
Callum- I like it a lot
Malachi- I like it a lot
Kaeden- Love it. I love all the -Aiden names.
Greg- It's okay. NMS
zayden- Love it! Love Zade as a nn, too.
Zaiharn- It's okay.
Zayharn- It's okay.
Daegan- It's okay.
Deegan-It's okay.
Isaac- Like it.

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