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January 6th, 2008, 07:49 PM
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Leilani - Too Hawaiian for my taste
Mahalia - NMS
Lindsey - Pretty, but a bit common
Joellee - Cute, but prefer it spelled Jolie
Hayley - Don't care for
Anna - Pretty
Elizabeth - One of my favorite "classic" names!
Faith - Don't care for
Jasmine - Don't care for
Alexandria - Very pretty
Jodi - Don't care for
Annabelle - Very pretty
Katherine/kate - Pretty, Kate is a beautiful name
Irelyn - Love
Hillary - Don't care for
Isla - Love

William - Good name
Zachary - NMS
Alexander - Good, strong name
Callum - Love
Malachi - Don't care for
Kaeden - Don't care for
Greg?? - Don't care for
zayden - Don't care for
Zaiharn - I'm not sure how you pronounce this, but it's NMS
Zayharn - Ditto
Daegan - Love
Deegan - Prefer Daegan, but this is okay
Isaac - It's okay

My favorites are bolded!
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