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January 6th, 2008, 08:16 PM
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Leilani - Pretty
Mahalia - Its okay
Lindsey - Not a fan of
Joellee - I prefer it spelled Jolie
Hayley - Cute, prefer it spelled Hailey
Anna - Cute and innocent
Elizabeth - Nice classic name
Faith - It's okay..i'd use it as a mn
Jasmine - It's okay
Alexandria - Pretty but I prefer Alexandra
Jodi - Its okay
annabelle - Not a fan of
Katherine/kate - I like Kate
Irelyn - Very pretty
Hillary - Not crazy about at all
Isla - Its okay, very unique

William - Too old fashioned for me
Zachary - Love it
Alexander - Like it
Callum - Cute
Malachi - Cute
Kaeden - Not a fan of
Greg - It's okay
zayden - NMS
Zaiharn - NMS
Zayharn - NMS
Daegan - NMS
Deegan - Its okay
Isaac - Like it
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