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January 7th, 2008, 11:51 AM
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Leilani- Cute
Mahalia- Can't figure out how to pronounce it. If it's Muh-ha-lee-uh, then to me it sounds like Mahalo (Hawaiin)
Lindsey- Cute
Joellee- Again, can't really figure out how to pronounce it.
Hayley- Cute but too popular to me.
Anna- I love Anna. Classy and cute.
Elizabeth- Elizabeth never goes out of style and has wonderful nn capacities.
Faith- Beautiful and simple.
Jasmine- Exotic and gorgeous.
Alexandria- Oh... too popular again.
Jodi- NMS
annabelle- I think this one is really super cute.
Katherine/kate- I prefer Kate over Katherine.
Irelyn- Never heard it and I love it!
Hillary- Clinton? That's all I can think of.
Isla- Can't pronounce it.

William- *shrug* Not a personal fave, but not bad.
Zachary- I like this name.
Alexander- For me the mn would make or break this one.
Callum- I met a little boy w/ this name and he is sooooo cute. I wouldn't like the name though, if I hadn't met this kid.
Malachi- One of my favorites. We had a neighbor boy named this and they called him Kai-Kai.
Kaeden- I actually like this better for a girl.
Greg??- Sure?
zayden- Never heard it but I like it.
Zaiharn- No
Zayharn- No
Daegan- No
Deegan- No
Isaac - I like this one.

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