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January 9th, 2008, 12:13 PM
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Surgery details Can be found here:

Thanks for thoughts and prayers!


I'm not sure if I had told you ladies about this or not, but Alana was born with an incomplete bilateral cleft of her lip along with some minor nasal deformity. She goes in for surgery to repair it tomorrow, and I finally got the call about it. I've been waiting for this call all day. And I just got off of the phone with Children's registration.

We have to report to the 5th floor via the Yellow Elevators (and I'm typing that just to repeat it to myself again, cause I know that's irrelevant to all of you!) at 8:00 AM tomorrow for her surgery to repair her bilateral cleft lip plus nasal reconstruction. (There are also about 5 other words in the type of surgery that she's having.. but I don't know them.)

She is allowed to eat cereal/baby food up until midnight. So I will be feeding her a little extra cereal at around 11:30 tonight just to keep her tummy full for as long as I can. I may put some extra pears in it just as a treat cause I feel bad for taking her in for the surgery. Then, she is allowed breastmilk up until 6:30. But we will have to leave the house by 6:00 because I don't want to be stuck in Oakland at rush hour. I want to be there a little early. So I'll feed her at around 5:30.

I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO relieved that we don't have to stop feeding her completely at midnight. I was really dreading the ride down there if she was already a hungry baby at that point!!

Oh gosh, ladies.. this is real .. but by this time tomorrow, my baby's cleft lip will be repaired!!!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!
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