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January 11th, 2008, 01:32 AM
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I had an emergency c-section for my daughter two years ago the doctor said it wasn't due to my progression but from the babies heart beat dropping, after the operation was done we figured out that the umbilical cord was rapped around her neck and during the contractions her airway was being constricted.

Anyways I am pregnant again with my second child and am quite nervous! I had a panic attack during the c-section with my daughter and had to have meds to sedate me I was still awake but drowsy, I kept telling my husband I was going to die! and I honestly felt that way! I would like to attempt a VBAC but I am nervous about that too! I fear the unknown I guess lol.....

I fear a c-section because of the panic attack I had with my daughter, I shook uncontrolably, and I seriously thought I was going to die and Im not too sure why, I was afraid of losing to much blood and needing a transfusion I have AB- blood which is pretty rare and fear complications during that, I don't want to be put under and that needle that they had to stick in my back 8 times before getting it in scared the crap outa me too!

I fear a VBAC because of horror stories. Most recently coming to mind uteran rupture resulting in Hystorectomy.
I was also told by a midwife in my first pregnancy that my birth canal was extremely narrow where the bones normally project outward mine kinda bend inward. That kinda scares me because I dont want the baby to get stuck, how the heck would that end?!?

I just really don't want anything to happen, I was even considering taking anxiety meds during this pregnancy because for some reason it's the only time I feel out of control over my own body and kinda freak! Can some of you woman help me cause I think I might just give myself a heart attack!

Anything would be appreciated!

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