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January 11th, 2008, 01:15 PM
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wow ladies! you are such great informants you make me proud

i agree with everything these ladies have said before me. there are tons of horroro stories for every single way of birth. but the chances of these things happening are not the norm, however people feel the need to talk about thier negtaive experiences and make them sound so common.

UR scares me too, i admit. but there are ways to help eliminate and lower your chances of that happening. pitocin and epidurals should be kept away from. some women do use pit and epis during VBACs and do just fine, but most of the time, interventions become your enemy not your friend. and these 2 things can either cause or hide the signs of a UR. as scared and nervous as i am/was about UR i joined a yahoo group for UR moms, i wanted to know what they felt, what happened, what signs they saw/felt before hand and when it happened. doing this actually made me realize how RARE it really was in an unmedicated, non-intervented birth! every single one of their stories started with "i was induced, i had pit or i had an epidural".

you should read this, i really enjoyed it and hope you will too.
o darn! the link wasn't added to the sticky. it was something written by a women talking about trusting her scar and how it can withstand pregnancy etc...ggrr is anyone has it please add it, i don't know where it is

anyways, i just looked through our sticky again "what every VBAC mom should know" and wow!! there are some awesome links for your exact situation and questions. definitely go read all you can on everything VBAC and natural birth! you can do it mama! you are an excellent candidate for a VBAC
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