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October 22nd, 2005, 02:35 PM
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You can have as many girls as you want, but you must have 6 at least and all kids have to have either a double middle name or double first name.

Shyanne, carson, Chloe, addison, Paris, Cameron, Brenley Ashley zahara, Braiden, maryn, Devin, Alyssa, Sydney, Belle, Rory, Shayna, Reagan, Delaney, Noelle, Ella, Fiona, Sammy, Isabel, Ryan, Jessica, Mackenzie, Kaylee, Erin, Lola, Logan, Marissa, Jaidyn, Maya, Harley, Olivia, Dylan, Rebecca, Caydin, Sarah, Bronwyn, Willow, Alex, Elizabeth, Shari, Calla, Daphne, Sienna, Holly, Mariah, Hannah, Emily, Lily, Brittney, Kassidy, Kelsey, Nyla, Brielle, Reese, Brynn ,Savannah, Sadie, tessa, Mallory, Teagan, Aria, whitney, Jordaina, Ayla, Dakota, Destiny, Genevieve, Eden, Sailor, Lilia, Sage, Natalie, Brooke, Piper, Raine, Sophie, Ebony, Vanessa, Jamie, Brailyn, Aura, Carissa, Laura, Desiree, Lacey, Hillary, Lyric, Laya, Amber, Summer, Miranda, Nicola, Raven, Drew, Robyn, Kennedy, Autumn, Mason, Sky, Rowena, Peyton, Shelby, Page, Danielle, Sierra
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