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January 19th, 2008, 10:52 AM
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Step 1: Open the template and open the first paper you wish to work with.
Step 2: With your magic wand tool click on the section of the template you want to fill with this paper and copy it (Ctrl + C).
Step 3: Go to the paper you are using and make a new layer.
Step 4: Paste (Ctrl + E in PSP, Ctrl + V in PS) the piece of the template you copied over the paper on the new layer.
Step 5: With the template piece still selected (If your template piece does not stay selected when you paste it, use the magic wand to tool, select the area around it and then invert the selection), go to the paper layer and copy (Ctrl + C).
Step 6: Go back to the template and paste the paper piece you just copied onto the template. It should be a perfect fit.
Step 7: Use this same technique to crop your photo to fit in the section you want it to be in.

Repeat with each paper and each template piece until the template is filled then embellish how you like!

For PSP:
The instructions for any version of PSP would be to use your Magic Wand to select a section of the template, then use the Paint Bucket to flood fill the section with a Pattern already chosen (the pattern could be any paper from your chosen kit; you open the paper, then click on the color palette, then click on the Pattern tab, then choose the paper from the choices; check your settings for any rotation or size changes).
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