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January 22nd, 2008, 12:17 AM
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I had my toddler be at my last birth. She was 23 months at the time. I had the same thoughts as you about her being "wise for her age". It actually ended up that she BARELY made it. I delivered at 7:29 am and she arrived just minutes before (my sister was watching her since she was still in bed asleep until like 7). she did very well and just stood by the side of the birth tub watching. She really couldn't see much because of my position and the fact that it literally took 1 minute to push the baby out. But for weeks afterwards she told everyone that Mommy took a bath and got baby Nola out of the bath. Lol

Before hand I prepared her by talking about babies in general and pointing out that the babies she sees around were in their mommy's tummies and came out just like baby Nola was going to. I showed her the posters that show what the baby looks like in the womb so she'd understand a little more that there was a "real" baby in there. I also watched her birth video with her so she could see what it was like and kinda gauge her reaction before the real thing (there's lots of videos online you could use if you dont' have one).

I did the same thing as you in planning and picked someone whose only responsibility was her. I made sure it was someone she was comfortable with and someone who could "read" her and know if she was feeling uncomfortable and take her out if she wasn't doing well. For me it ended up not being necessary, but I think it's a good plan.

ETA - this was at a birth center, not our home
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