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October 26th, 2005, 01:42 PM
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I'm a member of the May 2006 due date club and just recently stumbled upon this club. I think I belong in this group more than any other pregnancy group to be honest.

I am 12 weeks pregnant and have experienced 6 m/c. My problem of course has not been getting pregnant, but staying pregnant. Half of my losses occured during the second trimester which finally led dr. to diagnose me with an incompetent cervix. This pregnancy for me has been different from any of the others so I'm trying to be extremely optimistic, but needless to say I am a WALKING BASKET CASE!. In a few weeks, I'll have a stitch put in my cervix since I always seem to experience preterm labor. I am praying that this works for me. I have not spotted at all and this is a first for me, but I am CONSTANTLY running to the restroom when I feel anything down there. Everytime I go to the bathroom and the tissue is all white...i am just in COMPLETE AWE!

I have two doctors this time---which is a first---and I'm sure that most of you have two drs. also. That does give me a little reassurance being that I have someone looking after the baby as well as me. Needless to say, each of my losses has been a total devastation to me and my soon to be ex- husband (as a result of the stress of the losses among some other things we separated). During these losses he put me through a lot of stress that my dr. informed me may have contributed to my second tri. losses, but I try not to dwell on that.

I have moved on to a stress free relationship with a wonderful man (no spotting as a result, no stress) and this pregnancy has been lovely thus far. I pray it continues to go well for me. I have not even told my family nor my bf's family because they have been through soooooo many losses with me and I'd just rather get past a few hurdles before saying anything to them this time. Is it wrong of me not to tell them right now? I don't know..can't answer that, but when u've been through what i've been through...the less people know the better. This saves you in the end of having to go back and tell them that you had another miscarriage.

So to all the ladies in this group, not only do I SYMPATHIZE with you but i can truly EMPATHIZE. I know the hurt, the pain, and most of all...the NEVERENDING FEAR. With each pregnancy I strive to be optimistic and will continue to do so until I become a mommy. Forgive me for typing such a long post, but just wanted to share and let you know that you're not alone...God Bless each of you and you're in my prayers.

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