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January 25th, 2008, 05:35 PM
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DH and I are discussing having another and I told him if we do, I want to have a home birth. Of course his answer was "you've been drinking your sisters koolaid again" (*waves to MrsPil*). So basically I'm in the information gathering stage so I can convince my husband that not only can we do this, but he can stay conscious the entire time lol (He nearly feinted with both of our little ones, it was so cute lol).

So anyway lol I'm 35 and a SAHM to three girls (Morganne - 13, Sami - 3 in March, and Kasi - 2 in June). We're currently living in Germany (dh is in the Army) though Tom is deployed right now. We're hoping to TTC while he's home on R&R (at the very least there will be LOTS of babydancing lol) which, if we're successful, will have us due in March (start crossing fingers now please lol knowing my luck though, we'll miss our window by 2 days lol).

Funny thing is, after Kasi was born, I swore I was done! Forever! But now I see all these pictures of my neices and have been working on some stuff for a site that I'm trying to get going and it has me wanting another one. Of course, two baby showers in two months and finding out a good friend is pg couldn't have anything to do with the baby fever lol

So anyway, any information you ladies can share would be greatly appreciated, especially concerning homebirth in Germany as a military dependant.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to getting to know you ladies.

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