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January 24th, 2005, 03:22 PM
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I thought I wrote the checks for all the bills. Just have not balanced the check book for the month till today. I got our cable/internet bill. It shows double amount I owe. So I thought geez I paid them. So I look through the check book. See no check for Time Warner written in January at all. I thought wth. I remember telling dh that bill went up 2$. So now I write out a check for double amount. I am walking down to the mail box this evening and making sure it gets mailed asap. I hate when that happens. Actually a couple times checks got lost. One time I sent one for a loan payment on some loan we had. Never thought twice. They call saying where is my payment. I said in the mail on -- date. Haven't you gotten it yet. I cancel the check and send a new one. Same thing happened to a house payment once. Cancelled that check also. Neither check was found or come back in the mail to me. I kept wondering if the mail carrier lost it after they empty the public mail boxes each day. So I hope they don't shut off our cable/internet. It was an honest mistake. And a new check will be out now.
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