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January 26th, 2005, 03:49 AM
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You are a 33 yr old mother of two girls ages 10 and 4. You are a stay at home mom with your 4 yr old and are active in school with your 10 yr old. You have been married 11 yrs. Your husband has a regular office job. You have a golden retriever, a male. You live in a small town in the midwest.

You are usually quiet and keep to yourself. Your husband is a little more social. Your 10 yr old plays soccer, is on the swim team, and enjoys writing. Your 4 yr old is spunky and loves attention. Your dog is very old and enjoys sleeping the most.

What is your name: Lynette

Your husbands name: Robert

Your 10 yr olds name: Stephanie Elizabeth

Your 4 yr olds name: Jocelyn Renee

Your dogs name: Dusty (you said he was old )

By the way: Great game idea!
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