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February 4th, 2008, 07:51 PM
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First of all I want to say I am sorry you are being treated this way. It is a joyous occasion and dont let them ruin that for you. It seems to me that they are being a little ungrateful after all the things you have done for them. I am a little crazy over my one and only grandson and used to get told a little lol but with that being said now they want me to babysit all the time lol. Hopefully that will be the case for you also. It will come a time when they want to do things and its hard with a baby then they will be asking you to keep the baby. They are very young and probally really dont realize how much their lives are going to change. They will be needing your help and advice in alot of ways. Congrats on your grandbaby and I do so hope everyhting works out.

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