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January 26th, 2005, 12:18 PM
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Hi everyone,

Maybe you ladies can help me out..We had our names picked for this fish (we always pick 2 combo's and decide when he/she is here) and for a boy we have Ethan Thomas or Sean Thomas (Sean is after Shane, hubby's dad, Thomas is my dad's middle name, Ethan, we just loved), for a girl we had picked Holly or Lucy with the middle names Caitlin, Alannah or Charlotte (not decided yet).
But, when we visited my sister last Sunday, she had a new puppy...named Lucy... I was very angry with her, but ofcourse, she didn't know so it's not her fault...Also, someone on another site told me that it is actually a very popular dog name, but now we have to find a new back-up name (hubby isn't in love with Holly) because i'm not naming my child after a dog...

So..besides Holly we need a second name..i've come up with Iris, but it makes Scott think of a grandmother and not a little child, so i think he's going to veto that out. He came up with Chloe and Kelsey, now i don't really like Chloe, i do like Kelsey, but i don't love it yet..though it's growing on me...
Ofcourse with the middle names, Charlotte and Caitlin would be a no-no for Chloe and Kelsey, so it would be Alannah (or Alanah, not sure which spelling, your opinion would be appreciated too!) but i don't really love that we're also searching for a new middle name if it will be Chloe or Kelsey.

So..any suggestions?

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