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February 7th, 2008, 08:14 AM
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(hugs) I am sorry they are being like that.I think I would stop doing unless asked.In 3 months when the clothes are outgrew & they have used every last diaper given to them & they see the $$$ come from them it will hit them!!! Or when their friend can go watch a movie or grab a burger and they have a baby and can't go they will rethink their position

I think I would try to sit down and talk to the mom(of your sons gf) & let her know you aren't trying to take over just trying to give them a good start.Maybe an olive branch with her would help.She might have concerns that you could address and resolve.I am the mom to a teen mom and I had alot of concerns about the other grandparents.But she is great and even though the son isn't the dad he should be she is an awesome grandma!!Communication is Key.Good Luck!

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