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February 11th, 2008, 11:28 AM
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Hi Angie.

I am so sorry that this is distracting from the joy of a little one coming. You sure are in a hard spot to be in.

Do you have any kind of relationship with the girl's parents? Are they wanting the kids to get married or what are their thoughts? Who knows...they may feel threatened for some reason. Maybe if you just let them know you are available and are willing to help out then just leave it at that.

Keep us filled in![/b]
In the 2 years that I have known this girl and her parents I am sad to say that her mom is a pathological liar and she takes a LOT of pain meds. Her dad on the other hand is a good person...he just drinks from time to time and goes out of town a lot. Her mom takes pain meds because she has been a lot of car accidents that has messed up her back. Just an example of some of the lies that her mom has told...I had a baby shower for Riah and invited my family and a few friends. During the party her mom and a friend of mine were standing outside talking. I didn't think much of it until I got a call later. Apparently her mom had told my friend that she was an RN. She told me she worked in a dental office. She also told my friend that she has a HUGE trust fund set up for Jay, Riah and Logan. Seems odd since she told me she is trying to get disability and has to rely on welfare. It just seems that everytime I talk to her mom I get a different story about her life and what she does or used to do.
To be honest, I am scared to have Logan at her house. My son has come home and told stories of times that her mom has passed out in her dinner (due to her pain meds). Her mom also told me that her back is crushed and she isn't allowed to life anything....does that also mean she cannot lift Logan? Kinda scared for the safety of my grandson.
I have even got to the point where I avoid calling her mom because I don't enjoy talking to her and I cannot believe what she says. I know I am not perfect, but I am at least honest.

** I forgot to add that her mom has also been talking a LOT about child support and I am afraid for my son. He has paid for lots of things for his son, been there through the whole pregnancy, and I feel he will be a great dad. I just hope and pray that greed doesn't hurt the relationship he has with his gf because her mom wants more welfare.
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