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January 28th, 2005, 10:13 AM
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My husband and I were having problems and one of his "friends" came over one night. We started talking and I just opened up to him and told him my concerns over my marriage... I know now that I shouldnt have. It made me feel better at the time, but now I feel so stupid.

HIs "friend" told me that my husband cheated on me, got numerous lap dances at his friends houses that he went to some nights to drink and socialze, he would follow young girls around trying to get into their pants and talking dirty to them. This "friend" even had pictures of some of these young girls with my husband--not in any really compromising positions though. He told me to ask so other people who had been at the parties about what had happened so I did they told me the same thing that this "friend" told me. My husband and I were seperated at teh time and I had sex--unprotected--with this "friend" I felt awful about it afterwards and told him that I never wanted to see him again because I felt that he took advantage of the situation, although, now it seems to me that I allowed him to.

I love my husband more than anything and we are trying to work our problems out. He knows what I did and I know what he did... he is still denying it though...
I am just curious I slept with my husband on August 8th and had a very light period shortly after then I slept with the so called friend on either the 21st of August or the 28th of August.

I took a hpt on 9-11 and it came out positive, I heard the babies heartbeat on 10/20 when I was only 10 weeks along.

I dont know what I will do if it is the other persons baby, and worse I dont know what my husband will do if it turns out to not be his. I am so stressed over this whole thing I cant seem to eat. I know that I need to but unless I remember I usually dont eat 3 meals a day. I know that stress can harm the child but I cant seem to control it.

Please let me know what you think.
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