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February 17th, 2008, 12:57 AM
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Hi, ladies! I hope you don't mind my dropping by...I'm always on the lookout for information about lupus (systemic) and wondered if anyone here may be able to offer insight.

My DH's mother had lupus...DH does not, although I've read that it is more likely to pass from mother to daughter than from mother to son. One of DH's sisters has some early symptoms of it (arthritis), although she hasn't been diagnosed.

Now that we have two daughters, I've been trying to find out whether it's possible and/or likely that it would have passed through DH and on to them...? Obviously there are no signs yet, but I definitely want to be on top of things if there's an increased chance that they'll have it - know what to watch for, etc.

I've also been doing more research on vaccinations, and considering a delayed and selective schedule for our girls. From what I've read, systemic lupus is a condition in which the immune system is hyperactive - and vaccinations depress the immune system. So does this mean that vaccinations can help protect against lupus by slowing the immune system down? Or am I reading too much into that? (I did read that the Hepatitis B vax has had adverse results in people with a history of lupus, so we've already declined that one with our younger DD.)

If anyone can offer insight - especially about the family history thoughts - I'd really appreciate it. I've searched and searched online for info, but there's just not much to be found.
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