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February 18th, 2008, 11:59 PM
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1) Are Levi and Liam to similar sounding to be siblings? I feel like they may be but I'm not sure, wdyt? They're a little too close for my taste.

2) do you like

Jude Lachlan


Lachlan Jude

more? Any particular reason for your preference?
I think I like Lachlan Jude best.

3) Is Blake to boring next to siblings Mira (mir (like miracle) rah), Tessa and Levi ?

4) Does Brighton sound like it belongs to the above sibset? I think it sounds fine.

5) What are your feelings on the name Ivan? Our close friends all recoil in horror like it's the worst name ever. It's okay... I prefer your other names better.

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