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February 20th, 2008, 11:36 AM
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I like:
Claire and Clara (I prefer Clara of the two, but I like both)
(I also like Maia)

Don't like:
Adleigh- it seems like the generic 2000's trendy name. It begins with Ad-, like Addison, Adeline, and Adelyn, and it has the trendy -leigh ending. It will blend in with all of the other Ad- and -leigh names.
Avery- only like it for a boy
Gracelyn- Grace is a lovely name, putting the -lyn on the end only cheapens it IMO.
Harper- surname
Kennedy- another surname, and it reminds me of John F. Kennedy, other politicians related to him, and the band Dead Kennedys.
London- I think most people who use it as a name are American, and it sounds very trying-to-be-sophisticated. I wouldn't name my kid after a city anyway.
Macy- name of a department store.
Reese- reminds me of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and I like Rhys on a boy, so I don't like the misspellings of it on girls.
Tatum- not an attractive sound IMO, and it reminds me of tater tots and Tums heart burn medicine. I know there is a celebrity with this name, and that's probably what makes it seem appealing to some people, but I don't associate it with her, so I just think it's kind of an odd name for a girl.

Ellia is pretty, but I prefer Eliana. I like Madeleine but not the spelling Madelyn- that looks like "made lyn."
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