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February 20th, 2008, 12:26 PM
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Adleigh- Cute but I prefer Hadley.
Ainsley- I like it.
Alison- It's okay.
Amelia- Cute. Love Mia as a nn.
Aria- Pretty.
Audrey- Very classy and nice.
Ava- Love it.
Avery- It's okay.
Chloe- Love it.
Claire- Nice but a little boring.
Clara- Sounds old fashioned.
Ellia- Pretty but I like Ella better.
Grace- It's okay. A little plain.
Gracelyn- It's okay.
Harper- I don't really like it for a girl.
Jada- Very pretty. Also like Jade.
Kaia- Love it. Very pretty.
Kennedy- Don't really like this one.
Kyra- Very pretty.
London- Love it. I like the spelling Londyn too
Macy- Pretty but reminds me of the store.
Madelyn- Love it.
Mara- Pretty but don't like the meaning.
Margo- I don't like this one.
Mattea- Love it!
Maya- Love it.
Reese- It's cute.
Tatum- I like it a lot. Very cute.

My favorites: Ava, Chloe, Kaia, Mattea, Maya and Tatum.

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