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February 20th, 2008, 07:13 PM
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I first met my hubby in May 2003, soon after he professed his love for me. Not long after we were together I went to get a roll of film develped, he had mentined that the moon was blood red the night before and that he had taken pictures. Funny how when I got the pics back there wasnt any pictures of the moon but there was numerous shots with 2 girls, naked. He told me that his friend, himself and these 2 girls went up on the roof to get a better view of the moon and that his friend had taken the pictures, he said why does he need hamburger when he has got steak. Some time later while I was pregnant, the subject came up, dont remeber how exactly but he let it slip that he had taken the pictures. This has bothered me for sometime now, but I didnt say anything. I dont see how two men can be on a roof with 2 naked girls and not do anything sexual. Anyways, he called me and ask me to find out about the lunar eclipse tonight. I went to the nasa site and didnt realize that the moon turns red during a total eclipse. I called him back wanting to poke a little "fun" at him. I said, yeah i remember the eclipse we had back in 2003, you know on the roof. his immediate response was "well we werent married back then" and I said "oh, so you did do something" and he said" no, i didnt, why would you think that" and he seemed upset that even brought it up>I said "but you took the pictures of 2 naked barely legal girls, i might add" and he said "no, i didnt"......a lie I do understand we werent married back then and had only been together for a short time, but to lie to me makes me feel like our life was built on lies, it started with lies and now he is still lying to me. I really do want to know if he did do something that night, I believe he did because his aunt was really pissed of at him that night because the same 2 girls were in his room with him, chilling.........
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