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February 20th, 2008, 09:33 PM
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Adleigh- seems too nickname-ish too me, its missing something.
Ainsley- i like this, its cute.
Alison- its ok but I don't like the nn Ally so I'm not that into it... plus it seems alittle dated to me.
Amelia- I really like it.
Aria- nickname-ish again, I like Arianna alot though.
Audrey- its nms
Ava- its ok, I like Eve/Eva alot better though.
Avery- its nms
Chloe- I think its cute.
Claire- like it alot
Clara- I like Claire much better
Ellia- very pretty
Grace- its ok, kind of boring imo
Gracelyn- nms, makes me think of Graceland.
Harper- love it!
Jada- i really like this too.
Kaia- cute
Kennedy- nms
Kyra- its ok but getting kind of overdone (with all the Kieras mixed in there)
London- nms really
Macy- cute
Madelyn- I like it
Mara- its ok, I like Mira more
Margo- I really like this alot!
Mattea- its ok, I used to dislike it but now I think its alright
Maya- love it, its my DHs favorite name
Reese- cute
Tatum- its nms
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