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February 21st, 2008, 07:53 AM
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Here's my scrapbook supply organization, in a nook in our guest bedroom/ office. I keep everything put away in there, except what I'm using for a current project, which is usually spread out over a large table also in our guest bedroom/ office. Those tubs are WONDERFUL. Archivers sells them, they're large enough to hold 12X12 stuff, and I keep ongoing or future projects stocked in there, so I just have to pull out the tub and whatever tools I need for that project. For example, one tub has supplies for cardmaking. So when I want to make a card or two I pull out the tub and whatever else I need and head on over to my table.

ETA: I have a rod with a striped curtain that I pull closed to hide the supplies when I'm not in there, rooting around. [/b]
That is a great idea. I really have no space to store anything but I am thinking I can prolly get something like that in my bedroom closet.
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