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February 21st, 2008, 07:02 PM
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It was my due date which originally was the second of July. I had to go in for I dont remember what its called but you have to drink juice and monitor the baby's movement. I went in at 9 something in the morning. They had me sit there for somewhere near 20 minutes. The nurse told me there were variables so I'd have to go to the hospital so they could monitor me for longer. I really didnt mind going. Once I got there it was the same as the doctors office. All hooked up and all uncomfortable. I had one or two variables in the whole 4 hours they monitored me before they admitted me... I was so upset about it. My doctor didnt come to see me once in the whole first day I was in the hospital. Still she admitted me and to me it seemed like for no reason.
I was dilated to I think a one. Hailey was head down and everything but she was only at a neg one I think... she wasn't ready to come out. She had checked me before this appointment was made and I hadnt reached this point before but I still dont think Hailey was ready.
Hailey is my only baby so I didn't know how theses things worked. My mom was telling me that I shouldnt have been in there yet. Non the less my doctor admitted me and so I stayed. I hadn't eaten that whole day cos I came in at 9 something in the morning... I was in a rush to my appointment. I was asking for something to eat the whole time but I didnt get food til somewhere around 11 at night. My mom ended up going home sometime after they got me some food. She was pretty upset that they were telling me I couldnt eat and there was no way I was going to go into labor or anything like that.
Well my doctor came in sometime after 8 and checked me out... oh yeah they started me on some medicing to make things move along a little faster. It didnt really help though. I was only dilated to 1 and a half the next morning when she did her little checking thing and Hailey hadnt dropped any further. Still she thought she would break my water... I didnt know any better so I didnt tell her not to... I will know better next time.
My mother came in and told me I shouldnt have let her do that. From what I hear from all my mom mother-in-laws and step mom it was too early... they hadnt broke my mom's water til she was dilated to a 7. Needless to say I was pretty worried and I really wanted to go natural... That was not going to happen now.
I spent the whole day upset about what they had done to me; how stupid I felt. They waited until no family was around to tell me anything. I was having contractions that they basically made me have. Not because she was ready to come out but because I think they wanted to have less work for 4th of july and really now a days they dont want you to sue them. I just dont think it was fair. I wanted to have a natural birthing process and they forced me into this induced everything process. It was completely miserable.
They ended up telling me that I had to have a c-section. I was definitely not happy about that. I still had like 10 hours before she had to come out. They had already put be through breaking my water early, stressing out my baby to where they had to fill me back up with water... They induced contractions that didnt help but only hurt A LOT! Now they were telling me that I have to have surgery and all I can think is that they are incompetent fools and this was all their fault. My doctor wasn't even there to tell me the news. There was another doctor that came in to inform us but she was telling us that I had to go under knife but she couldn't tell us why and we would have to discuss that with my doctor when she showed up. We ended up waiting for my doctor to come back and by then it was ###### near close to 10 pm. She said she had stuff to do so she would come back in an hour n a half to see if we had made up our mind. I felt forced into the whole situation. There was no other option than to have a c-section. Hailey was just no dropping and I was not dilating. I had to go into surgery . So when she came back I told her I would have the surgery. She took me down some half hour later... Im not really sure. My parents and Husband were all trying to ready me for this experience. I was definitely scared... I have never gone through any sort of surgery before in my life.
Surprisingly enough it wasn't that bad. I didnt feel a thing. My husband was aloud to come in right before they got her out. He got to hole her first. She was all scrunched up and messy. Oh but she was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid my eyes on. She was born at 1:04am on the 4th of July. I didnt get to hold her right away but I kissed her on her eye So amazing. When they took me back to my room I couldnt breathe and they just kept yelling at me to breathe harder... I ended up trying to breathe hard enough for them to leave me alone for like 5-10 minutes... but it felt like so much longer. My parents all saw her and I finally got to hold her. I couldnt breast feed quite yet because I was just so exhausted... Im not even sure why. I didnt push her out; they cut her out.
Those few days in the hospital after she was out were amazing. Just holding that tiny little 6lb 6oz 19inches baby girl in my arms made me forget about how horrible it was before. I am just so happy to have her happy and healthy. She is a very happy baby too. Slept a lot better in the hospital tho. I had her falling asleep in my arms, falling asleep in her little tub looking bed, and falling asleep on daddy's chest which let me tell you what he will brag about til this very day. He loved it and he cant wait to get home from AIT to have her fall asleep on him again!!! I cant wait either!
I cant believe how much easier things are now that she is 7 n a half months. breast feeding is easier. bathing is easier. playing is easier. only thing is she gets in to a LOT more things now. It doesnt matter tho; she is the light of my life; the heart that makes our family whole.
Hailey Danielle Mommy and Daddy Love YOU!!!

Thank you Julka for my amazing Siggy<3
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