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February 22nd, 2008, 05:37 PM
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Okay... this hardly looks mandatory but I'll give it a go.

My pg with Megan was high risk because I have several blood disorders that mean I'm prone to blood clots. So off and on during my pg I was giving myself two heprin shots a day in my stomach. DH was of course racing every week and every week I asked my doctor if he could go and she said of course. At my 36wk check up DD was mesuring 8lbs which would mean for a 40 wk delivery I could expect a 10lb baby. I begged to be induced but because a c-sec would be so bad for me (blood clots) they wouldn't- I guess a lot of inductions end up in c-sec.

So 10 days before my due date I sit up in bed (5:30am) to go to the bathroom and realize I've just wet the bed... but I didn't I swear. My water broke. I wake up DH (he had gotten in the night before) and tell him I'm 99% sure my water broke. I get up and get a pad 'cause I'm really leaking and call my doctor and tell him I'm pretty sure my water broke (duh). He tells me to come in but no major hurry since I"m not having major contractions.

DH and I still argue about this. I couldn't believe he took that to mean he should take a shower but he swears I told him to. So we get dressed and take our dogs to my moms since I figure we'll be gone awhile. On the way to the hospital we stopped at mcdonalds because they warned us in class they won't feed us. Driving to the hospital (1hr) I start having more pain. It's like every 2 minutes and it's mostly in my back. Blah Blah-----
8:30 that night I've had an epideral for hours--- which sucked and didn't really work on my left side and I'm still holding at 9cm. Megans heart starts accelerating (yes, I mean speeding up). I'm having major pain in my back on the left and they tell me they have to take Megan out now.
So I get that nasty shot of medicine that MADE me nauseous and I go to the OR. Everything is fine- they get her out but did I mention the epidural didn't really work on my left side??? The anesthisologist kept telling me she'd knock me out but I couldn't get past the fact I should be awake (or at least want to be awake) while my child is being born. Oh, she was face up (why I wasn't progressing) and 9lbs! The back pain was in fact back labor.
So fast forwarding...
Two weeks after Megan was born I've been having awful back pain. It was all on my right side and that morning I called my mom to come take care of the baby because I couldn't... I hurt too bad. I call to go into the doctor and couldn't get in until 1:30. I go upstairs to change for my appt and raise my arms up to change my shirt and... it's an odd way to explain pain but it went WHITE. I couldn't even scream. I somehow make it downstairs and my mom looks at me and starts panicing. She wants to call an ambulance but I make her call DH to come take me to the hospital.
Blah blah, I get there get a catscan and I have several clots in my right lung. I spend two weeks in the hospital, get blood transfusions and all kinds of fun stuff. After the fact I find out my MIL was planning to move in and raise my daughter because the doctors weren't that hopeful! My DH was so "unconcerned" the whole time I was in the hospital I was shocked to hear it was that serious and even have my doc tell me I was lucky I had that pain because most people just drop dead.

I know I could of put this in like three sentences but writing it ya kinda get stuck back in it and why the heck am I TTC again??? Granted I'd have better care and you better believe I'll be on more heprin longer. But I'm getting panicky again!

I'm am so greatful everything worked out and DD and I okay!
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