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February 23rd, 2008, 04:57 PM
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I have SLE and have been told my daughter has a 30% chance of inheriting it on the mother's chromosomal strand. So that is scary and something I often beat myself up about.

The Lupus system is very, very hyperatice. Everything can be inflamed and hurting at once. We're talking pleurisy in the lungs, migraines, blurriness in the eyes, liver failing, and polyathritis.

I would definently think of delaying the vax or going on a very selective schedule if you're worried about hurting the immune system.

I'm pretty anti-vax after my own daughter had a hideous reaction to Polio. She was in hospital and was so, so sick which now scares us all tremendously.

You can always make an appointment to speak with a genetics doctor about it all.

Good luck to you guys. I am praying my daughter is never affected with this disease.

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