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February 25th, 2008, 02:22 PM
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You have such sweet, classy taste. These are my favorites:

Amelia - So girly and pretty.
Sophia - I prefer the less common Sophie, though.
Scarlett - My favorite. Vivacious and fun.
Josephine - The epitome of elegance and style.
Madeleine - Prefer Madeline.
Rose - Lovely in its simplicity.
Eliza - Spunky!

These I don't care so much for:
Meredith - Rather masculine, though admittedly that's not so much of a problem anymore. Still, I just find it kind of "meh".
Heidi - I think it sounds unattractive. I'd prefer it as a nickname for Adelheid/Adelaide.
Rory - Prefer as a nickname for Aurora. On its own it's rather harsh.
Sydney - Too masculine and trendy for me.

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