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February 26th, 2008, 06:35 PM
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Hello ladies; Iím posting and havenít introduced myself yet. My name is Preanna and I'm engaged to my fiancť Tej. We come from two different backgrounds Iím African American and he is Asian. Our families are nice and get along with eachother; but I havenít seen his whole family yet because they travel a lot; so April 28th 2008 Iíll be traveling to London to visit and meet his parents.

I'm kind of nervous because I know some of their language but not everything and I feel unconformable about that part but other then that I just hope everything goes well and we can all get along. DF told me his parents donít mind him being with an American they just want us to be happy with eachother and once we get married they donít believe in divorce (Iím not planning on getting one anyways) They was only disappointed with us having a baby before marriage but we didnít want to get married just because I got pregnant. We are planning on getting married this year because we are both ready too. Its nice to meet you ladies; and I know we might not get along with everyone in our families or even our in-laws but once you have a baby; for the most part families have to learn to put there differences aside.

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