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August 20th, 2004, 07:13 PM
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Ok last night I left dh at work and brought the boys home. It was late so they went straight to bed. They are in there playing and dh calls to ask me to come and pick him up. I then hear from the mommy Jessie got his diaper off!!!! Um ok no biggie here b/c it is always getting ripped off. I go in there to get them in the car and what do I see. Jess is sitting in his bed with a "log" a very stinky "log" in his hand trying to feed it to the cat. OMG I about lost it. You read about it or hear about it all the time but never, ever think it will happen to you. All I can say is I guess I should be happy that #1 he didn't eat it (I hope) and #2 (lol #2) he didnt smear it all over the walls.

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