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November 10th, 2005, 03:39 AM
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my name is Kellie and im 20 from sydney.

3 months ago on 15th of august, i gave birth to identical twin girls we named 'sarah and lucy' at 19 weeks 5 days gestation.

since giving birth i was having my period everyday for about9 weeks.

in the past month or so though i found myself yearning to be pregnant again and then about 2 weeks ago i started feeling very weird, sleeping 20 hours a day, and eating every wake second of the day.

the last day i remember having y period was 28th of october, although for about2 weeks it was only like a tiny brownish discharge.

well anyways 2 weeks ago at my sisters house while drunk, i turned around and said "you know how some girls get pregnant straight after giving birth? well i think im pregnant" although i said that even though i was bleeding.

well anyway, yesterday, curiosity got the better of me and i bought 2 different pregnancy test brands, one with 1 test, the other with 2.

i done the first test and at first glance it looked negative, but bout 15 minutes i held it under the bathroom light and there was this tiny tiny blue positive line, so tiny me and my sister were the only ones who could see it.

bout 4 hours later i did the other test and it was negative, but then i realised one was an early test the other was for first day of your missed period.

i sat at home all day n night, going crazy because i thought i might have just wanted to be pregnant again so badly that my eyes are seeing a positive, then me and my sis went to the shops and i bought another one, also a different brand and early test.

well first thing this morning with my 1st toilet trip i done it, and there, clear as day (still very faint, but easily visible to the human eye) was a red positive line.

but one thing is bothering me?

am i still imagining things? cause i only stopped bleeding 2 weeks ago and im on a 27 day cycle usually.

or was it just dry blood and i have actually conceived and been given another chance at motherhood?

i did a ovulation calendar and according to that, i was most fertile on the 21st - 22nd and 23rd of october and according to me, that matches.

but is it possible to get a positive when my periods arent due for 2 weeks? (that i know of)

i would so appreciate the input so much.

im going out of my mind?


Remembering Sarah & Lucy - (graphic photo)
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