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November 11th, 2005, 10:41 AM
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I'm doing ok. My 1st appt isn't until Dec 5th and that's just with the nurse for my history(I'll be 9wks). No Dr, no U/S until much later. I'm pissed! You'd think with my history of preclampsia and 2 m/c's they might care. Nope. Even calling and yelling/pleading/crying didn't get me a sooner appt. So, I'm just trying to deal with each day as it comes. Next Thursday is my 1st milestone. I'm just concentrating on making it to that, then my 2nd milestone, then the nurse appt, then Christmas. I have ZERO symptoms and just POAS on my last HPT yesterday, because I seriously don't *feel* pg at all.

And, I'm trying not to stress too much!!
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