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March 12th, 2008, 09:08 AM
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Our pediatrician fired us
We knew she was going to, but I wanted to hear it from her. She called yesterday just as I was walking in the door...she reiterated her stance on vaccines, how she has vaccined her 5 month old completely, the statistics for the whooping cough, etc etc, and how completely passionate she is about the subject. I told her I respect her stance on it, but it is NOT something we are comfortable doing at this time, and that we will not consent to doing something with Killian that we are not secure in doing. She then told me, that she cannot see him, its too risky to him and to others in her practice (HOW...if vaccines are so all-fired effective, is my unvaccinated child a risk to her vaccinated patients?) and that we would not be able to find a doc in the area who was willing to see him....
I told her, that we absolutely adore her (which we do, and I HATE that this is what it comes to) but that we have to do what we feel is best for Killian, and that having anticipated her response, I had been calling local practices and HAD managed to secure an appt with a pedi that WILL see our unvaccinated son. She seemed a bit shocked by that.
We see the new guy on Monday, so I am hoping all goes well. We will eventually need to transfer our older son to him too, since once she hears Luke is not getting his boosters, she will boot him out too...which I hate because he her so much. By the end of the call, she honestly sounded like she was almost in tears , which makes me wonder if some of her passion on the subject is "enforced" by the practice she belongs too.....
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