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March 13th, 2008, 10:14 AM
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Let me just start out by saying that I AM getting advice from her Dr, I just would like input from people who have BTDT, Ok?

My twins were born at 33weeks and 4 days. 4.4 (girl) and 4.8 (boy) I don't have their weights written down, but at their 4 month they were 9 even (girl) and around 10.11 (boy)

My daughter was weighed Friday and was 9lbs 8oz and son weighed 11lbs 8oz

She only takes about 3oz per feeding, 5-6 times a day, and it is fortified to 24calories. She's going to be 5 months old in 11 days and she doesn't even weigh 10lbs yet! My 4 month old BARELY fits into 0-3 month clothes. Everyone looks at me like I'm CRAZY when I tell them how old she is, but usually shut up after I tell them that she was born early. I wouldn't be TOO worried if I didn't see how well her brother is doing. She's even a little more delayed than him developmentally, doesn't "talk" as much, doesn't squeal, doesn't hold weight on her legs, etc. I know I shouldn't compare them, but its so hard not to.

Early intervention is coming next week to evaluate them both due to my persistance with our Ped. I told him I was worried about her not even being near the charts with her weight, and he's having us call in her weights every 4 weeks until their 6 month check up on 4/30.

Is there ANYTHING else I can do to get this girl to gain weight? Anything I need to tell the Dr to check? Questions I need to ask? I had no idea she was labeled FTT until I checked out and looked at the diagnosis code sheet.

BTW, we are trying cereal and veggies with them both, but you have to catch them in a good mood and awake after a bottle, so its hard to do EVERY single day.

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