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March 14th, 2008, 12:13 PM
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Hey there....Was just wondering if I could request 2 blinkies. Ive never requested one before so I hope Im doing this right, if not sorry. And if you cant do 2 thats fine to. I like the smaller sized ones. I would like one that say proud mommy of a biracial baby and if it could be black with white writing, then Id like another one that says mommy is white daddy is black baby is perfect. I dont know if you can do it like this but was wondering if the mommy is white could be white with black writing, the daddy part black with white writing, then the baby white with black same as mommy) If it cant be done liek that then just the black with white just like the other one. And they can just be words, no graphics needed. I hop thats not to much. Thank you so much in advance...[/b]
Posted for pickup!

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