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March 15th, 2008, 08:59 AM
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They are at grade level bluecheer.gif bluecheer.gif Lindsey is doing good for everything. Her only bump in the road is sounding out nonsense words (like zub,sab etc.) but she even got a couple of O's for her cooperation with adults and interaction with her peers. DS is still being marked down for his hand-writing but she said it is improving. They even passed the first "are they ready for 1st grade test" of copying a story from the overhead....they both were able to follow along without getting frustrated bluecheer.gif

So dh was right and I was freaking out for nothing......

The one problem we may see is that although they don't have any problems together in class (get along well, have their own friends etc) she is still recommending that they be split up next year. I know they don't want to be - I asked them. I think we will probably have to fight to keep them together dry.gif
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